About this crazy guy

Hello! My name is Fede Diaz. I was born some summers ago in sunny Seville.

It all started when my parents bought an Amstrad CPC 128k, with a great programming manual for BASIC. It was 1986.

But the 1990s came and with them the Intel 80486 and C programming. The pointers, the memory overflows, and the sudden crashes. With windows 3.11 and the minesweeper!

Almost reaching the millennium in came the PentiumII. Windows 98 and Warcraft2 and Quake, those moments playing on LAN with the neighbor. With this computer I started to try Linux. RedHat Linux 7.2.

I'd already started working part-time and bought the first computer I could call my own. A Pentium4, with Linux Gentoo. I spent some time with this distro until I switched to Debian.

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. I've learned how to configure servers with Debian to serve web pages, directory services, application servers...

Today I deploy Docker and Kubernetes over Cloud providers like AWS or GCloud as well as OpenStack.

I design CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins to get software ready for production as fast as possible.